PSA: Don’t sit on the Copier during your Office Christamas party!

December 6, 2008

It’s that time of year again and your office Christmas Party is fast approaching. I will share with you advice that I use to give to a new employee when I was a Field Service Manager. “Your goal at this office Christmas Party is NOT to be the person everyone is talking about on Monday morning.” Unfortunately there always is someone who doesn’t take this advice.

Over the years I have seen many things copied on the office copier, hands, faces, breasts, and yes butts! Yes it’s still funny in a sophomoric way, and yes I like the Three Stooges (I guess that makes me a guy). All of the above can usually be done without too much danger, except copying your Butt. Copying your Butt involves certain amount of risk to your body & your job. I am not talking about the sexual harassment laws. I’ll let the PC Police handle that issue. What I am referring to is the following two dangers:

1) The physical danger. To copy your Butt you must sit on the glass of the copier. Usually the copier is too high off the ground to place your Butt on the glass and still keep your feet on the ground. Which means the person will get a chair or something to help them get into this precarious position. Normally excessive amounts of alcohol are involved at this point. I think we all know, at least when we’re sober, that the copier glass is not meant to hold the weight of the average adult.  So this brave\stupid individual perches on the copier glass and presses the green button. In some cases they are successful and people laugh, except the PC police. But sometimes, often times, the glass breaks and they crash through onto the scanning assembly and cost hundreds to thousands of dollars in copier repairs. Also consider on a number of copiers the voltage on that scanning system is high, it could REALLY HURT if your butt makes contact with the frame and the power of the scanner (OUCH!!!). But you don’t have to break the glass to break the copier. The distance between the scanner and the copier glass is very tight. All you need to do is flex the glass slightly and it will cause the scanner to hangup midway throught he scan and severly damage the copier (big time cost). By the way when the copier tech shows up on Monday morning and sees the damage, he may laugh, but he will also charge you. This is not covered by your service contract. For some strange reason they call it abuse 🙂

2) The other great danger is to your career. If you do turn out to be the person that everyone IS talking about on the Monday morning after the Office Christmas party because you broke the copy machine and cost your company hundreds to thousands of dollars in non covered service charges then don’t be surprised if you find yourself looking for a new job to go with the New Year. I pretty sure that you won’t win this one at the labor board.

So, this has been a PSA (Public Service Announcement) from the connectedcopier. Have a great time at your office Christmas party but don’t be that person who every one talks about on Monday morning, even if you somehow manage to keep your job it will take a decade to live down the story. Merry Christmas!

Vince McHugh


  1. Sounds FUNNY by DEFAULT but yes this is a BIG PROBLEM…

    WHY? can we send people to the MOON but can’t solve this EARTHLY issue…In the 21st CENTURY?

    It was useful to read this article because although most platens are from manuals &: brochures,rated @ a certain weight METRIC 2 Kilograms I didn’t know that the scanner could jam through the glass flexing…EDUCATIONAL.

  2. I saw a girl do this once. She got a nice shot of her kitty which she showed everyone. Not sure she thought it was such a good idea when she sobered up though. lol

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