Is Xerox this stupid…. Really????

January 5, 2009

Please confirm this with your local Xerox agent (I do NOT know this to be true, it is just a rumor as of now). I am asking for your help to either confirm or deny this information.

The Xerox MFD has an issue with Scan to email. The problem as I hear it is that the Xerox MFD can NOT change the name of the the attached file on the fly, and it always names the attached file the same name. It does NOT give it a unique name for each scan to email.

Normally you would not think this would be a problem, but we have a customer that found that it was a big problem for them. They purchased a number of Xerox MFDs and they primarily wanted to scan to email. Here is where the apparent problem arose. It seems  that since the Xerox MFD can NOT change the name of the attached file on the fly, That when you run a MS Outlook email client, which so  many of us do, once you hit 100 emails with the same name of the attached file that MS Outlook  will not or can not open or save an attached PDF (I acknowledge that it is indeed a limitation of Microsoft Outlook).

Both Canon & Konica Minolta have fixed this issue by simply adding a date and time stamp to the scanned file name. Is it really possible that Xerox could be so dense as to not create a unique file name to each of their attached scanned to email files? This makes the Xerox scan to email all but useless as a true scan delivery system. Is this possible? REALLY? TODAY?

That’s my $0.02
Vince Mchugh




  1. This may be true, but only for particular MFD’s or optional software may be required – I am sure you will get to the bottom of this issue…

  2. What surprised me is that these were recent Xerox MFDs, not older ones. We were brought in because the Xerox tech told this customer that there was no fix.

  3. I actually brought this up to a customer that is seriously considering Xerox MFDs when their primary means of delivering scanned documents is via their MS Outlook client.

    The customer brought this up to their Xerox Sales rep and he said not to worry because it is a MS Outlook problem. Technically he is right, the bug is a Microsoft Outlook issue. But unless this customer’s IT Department is planning to change all of their email clients from MS Outlook to something else it is STILL GOING TO STOP WORKING AFTER 100 EMAILS WITH ATTACHMENTS THAT HAVE THE SAME NAME. By the way neither the Canon nor the Konica Minolta’s have this problem with MS Outlook.

    But by the time the problem is discovered, probably a month and a half after the install, the Xerox rep will be able to say “I told you that MS Outlook had a problem” BEFORE you bought these Xerox MFDs from me, and you bought them anyway.

    Whose problem will it be then, Microsoft’s? Maybe, but since Microsoft won’t fix this bug, and Xerox apparently can’t fix it it will ultimately be the Customer’s problem.

    I do have to give the Xerox Sales Rep an A+ for BALLS! What he said was technically accurate, but practically misleading to this customer.

  4. what is the fix in MS

    • Jesse,

      My public answer is to replace your Xerox MFDs with Canon or Konica Minolta MFDs. Both of these manufacturers where smart enough to automatically change the name of the attached PDF file that are scanned to users from their MFDs. Apparently Xerox was not smart enough to figure this out. They seem to name all of their attached files Document.PDF. Brilliant!!! (Not).

  5. OK – if we are going to suggest hardware – how drole – dare I recommend HP?

    Scanning to .pdf is out of the box and pretty simple, and printing the file(god forbid you ever need to do that) won’t choke the system…

  6. Greg,

    I said this tongue (firmly pressed against my cheek) to point out that most manufacturers (HP included) were smart enough to not name every attached PDF that they scanned to email with the same name (Document.PDF).

    I just can’t believe that Xerox has not written a patch to fix this. Hence the original title of the post “Is Xerox this stupid… really???” apparently the answer to that question is all to obvious.


  7. I can’t believe that after 9 months, we are still on this post.

    Good show!

    So are you saying, that this is STILL true?


  8. I too find it unbelievable that this hasn’t been resolved by Xerox. The only ways that I know that it is still an issue are:

    1) When people like Jesse post and ask me for a fix.(We did have a discussion offline BTW)

    2) When I bring it up when we are fighting against Xerox for a deal and the Sales Rep acknowledges the problem but says it’s Microsoft’s problem. (I personally love that response).

    Until Xerox smartens up we bring it up on every deal we find ourselves in against them. Since many customers use MS Outlook it has been quite effective.

    I am sure some day Xerox will get around to dealing with this issue, but until then those of us who sell against Brand X should beat this issue like a drum. It will and should embarrass Xerox and educate the customer.


  9. I have had this problem, but have found it to not be an issue of naming from the Xerox printer, it was a temp file in Windows. Everytime a .pdf is e-mailed a temp file is created in c\documents and settings\[username]\local settings\temp

    once this file is full, you will be unable to open a .pdf that was sent via outlook. clear out the temp file and all will be well.

    • Rich,

      The reason that I say it is a naming problem is because all of the other Manufacturers that I know of add a Date & or Time stamp to the name of the file that their MFD creates when they scan to email. So this never becomes an issue for the other non-Xerox manufacturers.

      While I think that you have a good “work around”, You would think that Xerox would do the same as their competition and make it a non-issue. Seems like they are just being stubborn.

  10. Still true as of today. 7/14/2010.

    We were in the process of upgrading 4 year old technology to the new xerox. but there is still no way to add a unique modifier to the scan name. Unless you want to send them as jpg, or tiff. As I started this though, the xerox was to replace 4 year old Ricoh equipment that could automatically add the modifier to the filename. Also, the new Xerox will not let you import, or search a fax phonebook. (unless you use internet fax, or fax from your desk) the walk up fax user would have to scan through up to 200 fax numbers to find the correct one. *** Not Acceptable***.

  11. I work for KonicaMinolta in Denver, and our MFD’s old and new have been able to name the file being sent for years now…my sister in law was telling me that her new Xerox will not attach files to emails being scanned. If they have a Fiery, it may just need the file size to be expanded inside the Fiery controller…not sure of the configuration.

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