Why should I pay for your NFR Software???

April 24, 2009

Please indulge my ranting on this subject. It REALLY pisses me off when a Vendor (who supposedly wants me to carry and sell their products) charges me for NFR (Not For Resale) software!

I am not talking about paying for equipment that we get to resell after we demo it, but software. Especially when the Vendor offers an actual NFR version of the software. WTF? It smacks of a pyramid scheme where they “Sell” it to us (even at a reduced price) so we can have the privilege to demo their software! Are you kidding me. When I find myself in this situation I refuse to “purchase” their NFR software until I have a deal pending that looks like they will buy it. And even after that I can choose not to lead with it.

You might say “it’s not your money, why should you care”? Because as a Manager or an Executive for a comapny you are paid to care! You don’t work for the government. Your company doesn’t get to raise taxes or print more money if you need it, so you have to care about the bottom line, and your operating expenses.

Let’s talk about a compnay that does it right; eCopy. I have worked with this company since the mid 90s. I have even been in the field with Ed Schmid (The Founder) doing installs. Now that was a long time ago, I don’t think Ed does his own installs anymore πŸ™‚ But eCopy handles thier NFR software right. If you are an Authorized eCopy Dealer and you need either NFR software or a trial version of their software you go to their secure web site and you download it. No human interaction is required. Do you know what this leads to….? It leads to me always having the latest version of eCopy Sharescan OP and eCopy Desktop running in all of my demo rooms. Since it is always in my Demo Rooms it also leads to all of my Sales force being familiar with and willing to talk about eCopy. That’s what it leads to!

You would think that the Vendors would figure this out and make their NFR software to their Authorized Dealer available at no charge, but many of them haven’t. That’s OK when the Vendor’s rep is begging us to talk about their product I will pont them to this post so they can figure out why we aren’t. Hopefully some of them will figure it out and stop annoying their dealers by nickel & diming us for the privilege to show their software in our demo rooms. But I’m not bitter πŸ™‚

That’s my $0.02
Vince McHugh



  1. Vince,

    Thank you for speaking up and saying something about this. Wholeheartedly agree, and will take it one step further to say that we shouldn’t be paying for maintenance contracts and upgrades either. How in the world can we adequately sell and support your product without a staff member onboard who is comfortable using the current application (and let’s be honest, clients come to us first with support questions before they contact the software vendor). It’s like trying to play baseball without a bat.

  2. wow. You think people who work for the gov. don’t care about the bottom line and just get to print money?You’re confusing the government workers who have a budget and limited resources just like you with the congress. Every gov’t dept area is just like a dept in your company – competing with other depts for resources from the firm’s overall budget. The congress is the one who insists on creating that central fund out of thin air, but it’s still the same for gov workers as it is for you as far as budgeting internal funds.

  3. BiPolar Guy,

    Sorry if I hit a nerve, but I have seen government departments call up vendors at the end of their fiscal year in a panic to spend their remaining budget, sometime a considerable amount so they don”t lose it, and so they will get funded at the same level again. God forbid they actually return the unneeded funds to the treasury and hopefully the tax payer.

    Secondly, do you know that the federal budget by law grows 10% every year? So when the politicians say “we cut the budget by 5% this year” what they mean is they only raised it by 5%. Maybe in Washington they can call a 5% raise over the previous year a cut, but in the business world we call that increasing the budget. Classic Orwellian New Speak!

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