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What is Ikon trying to hide???

July 30, 2009

I recently heard from a large Ikon \ Canon account that was concerned about Ikon loosing their Canon Authorized status. For some strange reason they want to have their Canon equipment serviced by an Authorized Canon Dealer (go figure). And they were unsure if they could legally break their Ikon Service contract.

We sent them the eight questions to ask Ikon regarding Canon service. and they asked their Ikon Sales Rep these questions. We were told that the Ikon Sales person said yes they can do all that. To which we were told the customer said that’s great can you put that in writing. The ikon salesman said no, he could NOT put it in writing. When pressed for a reason he said he would call them back (BUSTED). He finally called the customer back and said that his boss and his bosses boss wanted to come in and meet.

If the Ikon salesman was telling the truth that they can answer yes to each of the eight questions that an Authorized Canon Dealer can answer yes to, then why wouldn’t they put it in writing. Hummm? That’s a real head scratcher 🙂 Could it be that the ikon sales person might have “mis-spoken”? What do you think?

So here is my challenge to Ricoh \ Ikon why don’t you come clean, stop the spin and just answer the questions that all of your loyal Canon customers want answers to. What do you have to hide? If nothing has changed as we keep hearing. if Ikon’s support for their Canon customers is as good or better (as some who have written to this blog would like you to believe) than why not put it in writing. Just publicly answer the eight questions in writing, and everyone will know where they stand with Ikon (Ricoh) servicing their Canon equipment. Is that too much to ask? I think not!

That’s my $0.02
Vince McHugh


Xerox’s Print Around Technology – A Rose by any other name…

July 22, 2009

If you have been competing with Xerox in any deals recently you have probably heard them tout their new “Print Around Technology”. They like to tell customers that this is a Xerox exclusive technology and that they (the customer) can’t not possibly live without it.

Let’s look at this objectively. First, what exactly is Xerox Print Around Technology. This is a feature on an MFD that allows print jobs to continue to print even if the job in front of it has a paper mismatch. So if an end user grabs a European document off of the web and it happens to be a A4 paper size what has traditionally happened is it stopped your MFD or Printer from printing anything out behind that A4 print job until someone went to the printer and either canceled the A4 print job or was smart enough to override the paper size to a size that the printer or MFD actually had. The same thing would happen if someone chose a legal or ledger size paper and the printer or MFD didn’t have either of those paper sizes loaded.

So the Print Around feature that Xerox is promoting”IS”pretty cool. It basically suspends the print job if there is a paper mismatch. Which is what Canon calls the same feature “suspend on mismatch”. So Print around technology is NOT a Xerox exclusive? The feature isn’t but Xerox has probably copyrighted the term, so if you call it Print around technology instead of suspend on mismatch then you can say it is exclusive to that manufacturer. But in the words of the Bard (William Shakespeare) “A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. After all does your customer really care what the feature is called or are they simply looking for the functionality. I think we both know the answer to that question.

I will say that Xerox’s marketing folks win the terminology battle, at least for this round. The name “Print Around Technology” does sound a lot cooler than the “Suspend on Mismatch” term that Canon came up with. Canon does have this feature on certain MFD models that are currently available today, and this feature (I am told) will be available across the entire new line of Canon ImageRUNNER-Advanced products that are being shown in Las Vegas this September. More on that later.

That’s My $0.02
Vince McHugh

PS: I also see that EFI seems to have the same “suspend on mismatch” on their System 7 and System 8 print controllers (Rips). Do any other of the manufacturers out there have a diferent name for this same “print around” feature? Please leave your comments on this post if they do. Thanks!