What is Ikon trying to hide???

July 30, 2009

I recently heard from a large Ikon \ Canon account that was concerned about Ikon loosing their Canon Authorized status. For some strange reason they want to have their Canon equipment serviced by an Authorized Canon Dealer (go figure). And they were unsure if they could legally break their Ikon Service contract.

We sent them the eight questions to ask Ikon regarding Canon service. and they asked their Ikon Sales Rep these questions. We were told that the Ikon Sales person said yes they can do all that. To which we were told the customer said that’s great can you put that in writing. The ikon salesman said no, he could NOT put it in writing. When pressed for a reason he said he would call them back (BUSTED). He finally called the customer back and said that his boss and his bosses boss wanted to come in and meet.

If the Ikon salesman was telling the truth that they can answer yes to each of the eight questions that an Authorized Canon Dealer can answer yes to, then why wouldn’t they put it in writing. Hummm? That’s a real head scratcher 🙂 Could it be that the ikon sales person might have “mis-spoken”? What do you think?

So here is my challenge to Ricoh \ Ikon why don’t you come clean, stop the spin and just answer the questions that all of your loyal Canon customers want answers to. What do you have to hide? If nothing has changed as we keep hearing. if Ikon’s support for their Canon customers is as good or better (as some who have written to this blog would like you to believe) than why not put it in writing. Just publicly answer the eight questions in writing, and everyone will know where they stand with Ikon (Ricoh) servicing their Canon equipment. Is that too much to ask? I think not!

That’s my $0.02
Vince McHugh



  1. I heard today that Ikon did put “something” in writing for this customer regarding these 8 questions. I am attempting to get a copy of it. Stay tuned!

  2. pleaseeeee what are your 8 questions

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