Will Ikon sub contract Canon service?

September 25, 2009

Apparently the eight questions to ask Ikon regarding Canon service has made an impact. Ikon has recently sent out a letter (dated August 2009) that states “Ikon may contract with authorized Canon service providers to enable us to continue to provide any support needed for firmware upgrades, patches, and access to technical support”

So if we apply a little deductive reasoning (ALA Sherlock Holmes) we can conclude what we have long suspected that Ikon does  NOT have access to these things on there own. So some of the smoke (screen) has begun to clear. And it has also become even more apparent just how much the Ikon customers lost when Ikon lost their status as an authorized Canon service provider.

According to their recent letter they lost their ability to directly obtain firmware, patches, or technical support from Canon. But they can hire an Authorized Canon dealers to do all these things for them. REALLY? What Authorized Canon dealer is going to do this for Ikon? Do you really think that an Authorized Canon dealer will help Ikon service Canon MFDs until Ricoh \ Ikon can replace them with Ricoh MFDs? Who would that be? It smells like more smoke to me! They could try and pull a fast one on some customers and bring in a “C-Level” Canon Dealer. A Canon dealer who is not full line authorized, but is only Authorized on the lower end Canon MFDs. But they could say that they have an Authorized dealer under contract, and that would be technically correct. But that would be misleading their loyal Canon customers and Ikon would never do that, would they?

Even if they do pay some full line Canon dealer enough to want to do this for them, how will that work? Well for starters Ikon will likely only bring in an Authorized Canon Dealer as a last resort, because it will be costly? So this will delay the customer from getting their needed firmware, patches, or Canon technical support. And since there will be an added layer of support it will cost more. It will have to just to cover the cost that Ricoh \ Ikon will have to pay to get an authorized Canon Dealer to show up. Once the call does go out, how high of a priority do you think it will be for an authorized Canon dealer to respond to Ricoh \ Ikon’s service request? It’s not like they will have a lot of other options to get authorized Canon service support.

So it’s really not much of a response, but I guess Ikon had to say something? Had to give some response because they got tired of their Canon customers pushing them for the truth about what they no longer had when they lost their authorized status. Customer’s aren’t stupid! They saw right through the last Ikon smoke screen, the one where they said nothing is different, and nothing will change. Since that line of bull didn’t work, they now have moved to the second level of smoke screen. They say that they “MAY” hire an authorized Canon service provider to do for their Canon customer what they can no longer do themselves. Really? Ask them “who”? And get it in writing on Ikon letterhead.

Let’s stop the spin! Even if they actually do hire some mercenary Canon Dealer it will be more expensive, and it will take longer to deliver the Canon service that these customers have paid for. After all when they bought their Canon MFDs and entered in to a service agreement with Ikon they WERE Authorized Canon service providers, and now they are not. So they lost real value when Ikon was purchased by Ricoh. This is no longer in question. The only question I have now is what will Ikon’s Canon customers do about it?

By the Way, the original Canon Ikon letter said that Ikon would receive certain technical support from Canon for at least one year. That letter was dated 10-31-2008, that One year will be up in about a month. Hummm?

That’s my $0.02
Vince McHugh



  1. We just became a Canon dealer to go along with Ricoh. This has become a great opportunity for us to capture clients from the IKON/Ricoh unhappy clients. Can you provide to me any updated Canon/IKON information regarding what the are obligated to support?

  2. Larry,

    Welcome to the Canon family! What dealership do you work for?

    I will tell you up front that I don’t have any inside information to the confidential dealings between Ricoh \ Ikon and Canon. I am simply reading the letters that have been written and are now out in the public and giving my opinion on them.

    As a Canon Dealer your Canon Rep can most likely get you the Canon Letter. If you have any trouble you can email me directly from your company email address and I’ll see if I can help you out.


  3. Just an FYI – IKON can service Canon copiers.

  4. You are correct, Ikon can still service Canon MFDs, but they lost their Canon Authorization which according to the recent Ikon letter means that they can no longer get DIRECT access to Canon firmware, patches, or Canon Technical Support.

    Does this mean that the Ikon service tech will suddenly forget how to change the heat roller on your ImageRUNNER? No! But as new firmware or patches come out (as they always do over the life of an MFD), Ikon will not have direct access to these from Canon. At least that is what the recent Ikon letter implies.

  5. Everything that IKON sold is fully up to date as far as firmware goes. Any future updates as far as that go will not be critical. IKON’s knowledge on the Canon equipment matches if not betters Canons phone support anyway. So this should not be an issue.

  6. WHEN Ikon sold their Canon inventory it may have been up to date on its firmware, and patches. But all MFD equipment (Canon included) gets new firmware and patches released over the life of the device.

    According to the recent Ikon letter they can NOT obtain new firmware or patches directly from Canon, that is what the Canon customer who get their service from Ikon should be concerned about.

  7. UPDATE! I just heard that Danka (who is owned by Konica Minolta) is also trying to sub-contract Authorized Canon Dealers to service their Canon equipment, because they too can not get firmware & patches since they lost their Authorized Canon Dealer status.

  8. UPDATE: Apparently IKON “misconstrued” their ability to service Canon equipment or the ability to “sub-contract” Authorized Canon Dealers to service the Canon equipment with or for them.


  9. LOL. You have a few blogs about IKON’s sales & service. You sound like a disgruntled employee. The only people I hear talk like you use to work for the company they are talking about.

    • Tom,

      No, I have never had “the pleasure” of working for Ikon, but I do know many people who have. My opinions were formed by observation and interaction in our industry for the past 20+ years. In the spirit of full disclosure I did work for Ricoh Business Systems (RBS) for ~ 2 1/2 years.

      I will say that the day that the name “Ikon” ceases to exist in the industry there will be no tears shed by me or many others. With both Ricoh and Ikon having only Ricoh products to sell it can’t be long before Ricoh absorbs them. Too much overhead to keep running the two separate organizations for long.

  10. You are just another jealous small Canon dealer that hates IKON. IKON has the best service for Ricoh and Canon still till today and in the future. The techs know what they are doing on their Canon units, not like the techs from small dealers that take days to respond to a service call. Thats fine, keep bashing IKON, thats the ONLY thing you are good at. Lol.

    • Natasha,

      NECS is the largest Canon Dealer in New England.
      We have thrived for over 45 years. Ikon will soon cease to exist.

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