Canon’s New Line of ImageRUNNER Advance MFDs (with Corrections)

September 30, 2009

I went to Las Vegas last week to see the official unveiling of Canon’s new smart MFDs called ImageRUNNER Advanced. I was impressed with what I saw. Here are a few of the highlights. I have received some info to correct some of my observations. I have posted these corrections in PURPLE.

The new line of ImageRUNNER-Advanced will have: the product name is actually imageRUNNER ADVANCE

The availability for an optional USB Keyboard that will either sit right in the middle of the MFD or on its own mount.

Large Full Color Touch Screens – The Operations Panel (UI) is very customizable. There is a Main Menu and a Quick Key Menu (where you can program complex tasks into one button workflows)  It’s hard to believe but Canon made their new Op Panel even easier for end users than their current Canon Op Panel.

The new line is more eco friendly (both in how they were manufactured, and how they run)

Advanced Box (A-Box) which will be a type of File Server on the MFD for collaboration

Access Management System (AMS) – which will allow you to limit what functions each user can do on the MFD

All of the new line have (optional) Security card authorization built in to the front of the MFD.

Scan to USB Thumb Drive (This can be disabled by an Authorized Canon Technician for high security environments)

Print From USB Thumb Drive

Suspend on Mismatch (print around functionality) – If a Print job can’t print because it doesn’t have the correct paper loaded, the jobs behind it will continue to print.

All of the line has two separate processors, Even  faster response from MEAP Apps (like UniFLOW or Authorized Send)

There is a new Print Driver Customization Utility being released. It will allow us to customize a Canon PCL 5 or PCL 6 driver. CORRECTION – Canon Driver Configuration Tool:  The CDCT will allow for customizing PCL 6, PCL 6, PostScript, and UFR II drivers for Canon controllers, vs. just PCL 5/6 That’s great news!

So you could REMOVE the option for color, or make double sided mandatory BEFORE you push it out from your Print Server to their end users. Both Network Admins and CFOs will love the ability that this will give them to enforce the Corporate policies on cost savings and “Green Initiatives”.

All ‘I” series in the new line will come with “Canon Essentials” which will include: ImageRUNNER ADVANCE Essentials:  The three components of Essentials are imageRUNNER ADVANCE Desktop, Tracker, and Workflow Composer with 3 standard WFC Connectors (SMB, FTP, and SMB Index Connectors).  imageWARE Document Server (not Document Manager Server) is a separate option which uses imageRUNNER ADVANCE Desktop as a front end.

  • A 5 user license of the Canon Desktop Software (similar to eCopy Desktop)
  • Tracker – replaces ImageWARE Accounting Manager for MEAP  (helps track who is doing what on each MFD)
  • WorkFLOW composer to set up those complex tasks into one button workflows on the quick men
  • Document Manager Server
  • Dashboard – which allows you to see the MFDs screen remotely (on a PC) – good for training or remote troubleshooting. The “Dashboard” referred to is actually the Remote Operation Kit, and is also a separate option as well.

There will be a couple of new Universal Send options:

  • Reader Extensions (for PDFs) – allows a basic Acrobat Reader to mark up a PDF created with this option
  • Office Open XML format (OOXML) – Scans in this format can be opened and edited in Powerpoint

There will be an optional Document Scan Lock & Tracking that will embed an almost invisible 3D bar code on the Document that can make it not possible to copy it unless you are the owner.

Canon is the only MFD manufacturer currently to have a connector that ties directly into Adobe LiveCycle Server. This Server allows you to apply security policies to scanned PDFs right from the new Canon IR-Advanced. So you might not allow anyone to print this PDF, or only a certain group of people. It can also have a PDF “time out” so that it no longer opens after a certain date . I spoke to the Adobe Rep at the show and he tells me that Adobe LiveCycle is very big in government circles. Adobe:  LiveCycle is a fairly large platform that’s modular in nature. The integration with the Rights Management module of Adobe LiveCycle ES.   Good description on what it does, though. It’s also big in finance areas, both finance companies and finance-related sections of businesses.

There also a new MS Office plugin for the ImageProGraph Wide Format Printers. It adds a nice tab to MS Office apps (like Word, Excel, Powerpoint) that provides easy to use wizards so the end user can easily print posters from these MS Office apps. I believe that this can be downloaded now.

Overall there is a lot to like on the new Canon ImageRUNNER Advanced line of MFDs.

That’s My $0.02

Vince McHugh



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  1. I found I useful site regarding the new ImageRUNNER Advance range here http://www.canonadvance.co.uk which has lots of info regarding the new range. Thought it might be of interest. Many thanks!

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