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Canon USA ceased providing (all) technical support to IKON on 12/01/2009

December 3, 2009

Canon sent out a letter to all of it’s Authorized Canon Dealers to confirm that Canon has ceased to provide all technical support. The letter goes on to say:

“,,,we are aware that certain materials circulated by IKON state that “…Canon has agreed that Ikon may contract with authorized Canon service providers to enable us to continue to provide any support needed for firmware upgrades, patches and access to technical support.” This sentence misconstrues the terms of the October 30, 2008 confidential agreement between Canon USA and IKON.” (Red font & bold type are mine)

It seems like the Questions to ask IKON about their Canon Service posted on this blog finally got to the truth. In response to these question IKON sent out a letter that apparently misstated their capabilities to service and support their customer’s Canon equipment. So in response to that letter Canon sent out their own letter (12\1\2009) to clarify their relationship (or lack their of) with IKON (a wholly owned subsidiary of Ricoh).

And if you read the letter it makes it perfectly clear to both IKON and all the Authorized Canon Dealers that neither IKON nor an Authorized Canon Dealer are permitted to enter into a “behind the scenes” agreement to service Canon equipment in partnership with IKON. Apparently that was an IKON pipe dream.

So now all the cards are on the table IKON can not get firmware, patches, updates, technical publications, or Canon tech support on any of the Canons that they service or support. The last spin IKON will likely make is that they have “all that stuff’ for the Canon machines that they use to be authorized to sell & support. While that was true a year ago, Canon like all manufacturers continue to send out new firmware, & patches, etc for equipment that is currently in the field. I believe that each manufacturer is required to support a product for a minimum of 7 years after it ceases production. So if you have Canon equipment being serviced by IKON you likely do not have anything that Canon has released for it in the last year. That is one of the main reasons that a Canon customer chooses an Authorized Canon Dealer to service their Canon equipment.

A final thought to those Customers who have and like their Canon ImageRUNNNER equipment. If you like your Canon ImageRUNNER you are going to love the Canon ImageRUNNER-Advance!!! The new line is unbelievable.  You should call an Authorized Canon Dealer to see it, especially if IKON is trying to push you into Ricoh equipment. At the very least come see a demo so you can see what you are going to be missing.

That’s my $0.02
Vince McHugh