Updating your MFD’s firmware – Canon gets it right!

January 22, 2010

Canon’s Content Delivery System (CDS) is a quantum leap for updating the MFDs firmware. It makes it too flippin’ easy! Below is a screen shot of an actual Canon ImageRUNNER-Advance that I updated today.

I have done a firmware update on the ImageRUNNER-Advance with a USB Thumb drive and I thought that was easy. Do you remember that we use to have to burn and install ePROMS to update firmware. Then after that we needed a laptop and special software to update the firmware. Both of these required a trained service technician.

But being able to enter service mode and download the firmware right from the MFD touch screen was just too easy. There could come a time when a service technician may not be needed, but for now you still need the secret handshake to know how to get into service mode (and no I can’t tell you what that is).

The coolest part is you can schedule when to download the firmware (maybe in the middle of the night) and if you would like, even have it automatically update it. Or if you are more conservative you could have it stored on the hard drive of the Canon IR-Adv waiting for the service tech to install it on his\her next visit. Think about how much time that could save!

Canon has made the updating of firmware as easy as patching your PC or Server. But best of all is it can be configured to your comfort level as to how and when it should be installed. Canon’s new content distribution system is a break through and keeping your firmware and security patches up to date is just the beginning of good things to come! What’s next embedded (MFD) applications?

That’s my $0.02
Vince McHugh



  1. It would be interesting to know where the background images live in the firmware so you could replace them with your own backgrounds / logos etc.

    • Martin,

      At least for right now only the Service tech or SE will see this screen, so I am not sure you would get a lot out of adding your own logos. If we ever get to the point where the customer or their own IT staff were to do this themselves, than I too would like to be able to add some personalized branding to the screen.

  2. As an authorised Canon reseller in the UK we have access to all the firmware updates etc. On the new C5000 imagerunner advance The user can change the background on the display panel to customise it to their liking. If we could establish where those JPGs are located it may be possible to replace with a custom one of our own with our logo and contact number. It would need someone with a knowledge of canon machine code to establish what the file structure is and poke a new file into that location.

  3. Vince-

    Canon has embedded application (using the MEAP platform)

    Here are some examples
    1) uniFLOW OM MEAP
    2) imageRUNNER Advance Tracker
    3) PaperToOffice
    4) Authorized Send


    • Thanks Shahtech,

      I have actually installed each of these MEAP Apps.

      What I am looking forward to when these apps will be able to be downloaded via Canon’s CDS (Content Delivery System)!


  4. Hi Vince,

    Actually, CDS already has the capability to deliver the MEAP applications (same as delivering firmware)


    • Shahtech,

      That’s great news. I heard that it was comming but not yet heard that it was currently in operation.
      Thanks for the update!


  5. Hmmm, I hate to spoil the party whilst I applaud the ease of firmware downloads these days compared to the old days ( I was tech support at Canon (UK) and was one of the guys that had to burn untold amounts of eproms every week ) and I don’t miss the flakey early laptop connectivity issues – but most of the Xerox kit I support these days can download & upgrade itself from the web, can be upgraded by customers with USB sticks posted out to them or still upgraded by the techies and their laptops.

    So unfortunaley the days of the techie are closing in already…

    Ooo and the Xerox flavour of Canon’s MEAP is EIP (HTTP instead of Java) and you can deliver any desktop you like to the MFP background and all.

    I still miss working on Canon kit though…

  6. Hi Phil, Good to hear from you ! We used to work together at Canon, the last time we met I think you were off to the Channel islands ??
    What are you upto these days?

    Martin Parker

    • Hi Martin,

      Still in the Channel Islands – Got out of Copiers into IT, then the IT company I work for took on the outsourced contract for Xerox in the Channel Islands and here I am back into the same game!!

      It’s only a small Island and no everyone is not a millionare and it hasn’t been a tax haven since the sixties contrary to the UK press.

      Can’t complain though, lifes good all the same.

      What about you?

  7. Hi all, I have been servicing canon copiers for over ten years . Recently an orphanage in the outskirts of the city had a problem with their Canon ir2318 copier. When I checked, it requires the firmware to be reloaded. I have the canon SST but I need the firmware file. Please help.

  8. hi vince
    can u tell me how to print from usb flash drive in canon ir3245
    n what softwarer or firmware it require
    n where to download them?

  9. Khalid,

    Sorry I missed your post. I believe that you need an optional Direct Print Kit to get the 3245 to print from a USB stick.


  10. where can i find the firmware?

    • Firmware can only be obtained via an Authorized Service Provider.

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