Is there new trouble looming for Ikon???

February 22, 2010

I just saw that Canon has filed a lawsuit against a company called Densigraphix on 01/10/2010. From one article that I read it stated that Ikon has become Densiggraphix’ biggest customer since they lost thier Canon Authorized status. it is reported that Ikon has been buying non-OEM toner for the Canon MFDs that they still support. Canon is claiming a patent infringement against Densigraphix. So how does this affect Ikon?

It’s not that Canon won’t sell toner to Ikon, It will sell Canon OEM toner to Ikon. But it will cost them more than an Authorized Dealer pays, so Ikon would have to pay more for Canon Toner.  If Canon wins the lawsuit, IKON would be forced to buy supplies from Canon, most likely at list price. Ouch!!!

This is the last thing that Ikon \ Ricoh needs in these difficult financial times. If Canon does win this lawsuit Ikon will face a dilemma, will they, or can they, pass on this additional cost to their Canon customers? I am also wondering If Ikon’s Current Canon customers are OK with them sending out non-OEM toner for their Canon MFDs?

That’s my $0.02
Vince McHugh



  1. What about the contract Densigraphix has with IKON?
    How will that be filled?

  2. Franco,

    While I am no lawyer, I would say that if you don’t have a legal right to produce a product, then any contract that you entered in to provide that product would be negated.

  3. I’m no lawyer either but, if IKON was lead to believe Densigraphix had the right to deliver that product and entered into a contract and now they can’t deliver…..I think there is trouble for Densigraphix on the horizon.

    • Agreed. Trouble for Densigraphix, IKON, and big bad Ricoh.

  4. Franco,

    You are right in that Canon is suing Densigraphics and not Ikon. So that will or could hurt them (if they loose).

    The way that Ikon (and Ricoh) may get hurt by this is if Canon wins the Lawsuit and they make Densigraphic cease and desist from providing their Canon knock-off toner at a cheaper price to Ikon. This would cause Ikon to have to buy Canon Toner at a higher price. Which would cause them to loose more money servicing their Canon customers.

  5. It’s funny that you mention non-OEM toner being used by IKON. Doesn’t the company you work for send out non-OEM toner to its customers?

    • Mike,

      Authorized dealers can buy from Canon at a significantly cheaper rate than non-authorized dealers. So the company I work doesn’t have an issue with this law suit. But since Ikon can not get the Authorized dealers price this will hurt their ability to service their current Canon customers without loosing money. Maybe Ricoh will subsidize their toner purcahse, or maybe they can throw in a “free” Gels Printer. 🙂

  6. I’m not sure it makes any difference to IKON, as like you guys I’m no lawyer but when I worked for IKON in the UK when they were a Canon dealer – they did’t supply the OEM flavour of toner then anyway?
    Maybe it was different State Side?

    (and that included spare parts as well)

  7. fyi, from Densigraphix website:


    Densigraphix has discontinued its manufacture and sale in the U.S. of it’s SKU #s CAGT657-U, CAGT658-U, CAGT672, CAGT674 and CAGT676 toner bottle products, which it previously marketed for use in certain Canon ImageRUNNER® copiers (including 2230; 2270; 2830; 2870; 3025; 3030; 3225; 3230; 3035; 3045; 3235; 3245; 3530; 3570; 4570; 5070; 5570; 6570; 7086; 7095; 7105; 5050; 5055; 5065; and 5075) pursuant to a permanent injunction issued by the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia prohibiting Densigraphix, during the life of Canon’s U.S. Patent No. 7,647,012, from selling such products.

  8. Any idea what percentage/number of IKON’s MIFs are still Canon?

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