Will Ricoh & / or Ikon be at the “On Demand” show in Philly this year?

March 31, 2010

When I went to Philly last year (2009) for the On Demand show I ran into a couple of folks from Ricoh, but not very many. When I asked one of the Ricoh folks where are all the rest of you? He said that Ricoh was afraid that their best & brightest would use the show as an opportunity to hand out resumes, so they did NOT allow most of them to attend. (smart move)

If that was true in 2009 how much more so will that be true for BOTH Ricoh and IKON at the On Demand / AIIM show in 2010! So what is the over and under at how many folks Ricoh & Ikon will have at the show this year? 12? 25? 40? (Post your guess)

If you work for Ricoh or Ikon and you are going to Philly this year (2010) feel free to say so here! You can remain anonymous. Oh one more thing….polish up that resume, and bring lots of copies!!!

The On Demand \ AIIM show is one of my favorite shows of the year. It is worth my time to see all the new technology & strategies from both my Vendors and Competitors. Besides that it is like old home week! You get to see just about anyone that you have ever worked with in this Industry. They are just wearing a different logo, or name tag or standing in a different booth. We are a small industry!

Maybe I’ll see you there!
Vince McHugh



  1. I heard from a few sources that Ricoh was going to showcase the C900 at the innaugural NON DEMAND Show in New Jersey. Registration is free!

  2. Hey Mr Anonymous,

    I just re-read your post, that’s pretty funny!

    I hear that there is a real “Non Demand” for the Ricoh C900. Too bad I will not be able to attend the Ricoh Non Demand show, because I will be at the On Demand \ AIIM show in Philly tomorrow (LOL), how about you? Will I see you there?

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