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CBS is NOT Canon!

May 16, 2010

No more than RBS is Ricoh or KMBS is Konica Minolta. But that is what the _BS Branches would like you to think. When I worked for Ricoh Business Systems (RBS) the Sales Reps would often say “We are the Manufacturer” (meaning Ricoh) which was a bold faced lie. In fact when anyone from Ricoh corporate would be in a meeting with RBS they would make sure that the customer would know that they were not RBS, they were Ricoh (corporate). Because there is a difference.

Canon apparently feels the same way. I have heard that in a recent letter to certain large Canon customers they have stated that there is no difference between CBS and the Independent Canon Dealers. But in the same letter Canon does state that their is a difference between buying direct from Canon vs CBS. When a customer buys direct from Canon they are referred to as a Canon National Account. And they have a Canon National Account Rep who works directly for Canon, not CBS. So if you don’t have a Canon National Account Rep then you are NOT dealing directly with Canon, no matter what your CBS sales rep says.

I was in Boston today, Yes on a Saturday (partially doing work, and partially sight seeing with my Fiancee”) and I purposely walked by the CBS office. I was curious about how they handled their signage. Because I have been hearing that Canon is very particular about how Authorized dealers use the Canon name on their signage. So when I walked by the CBS (Canon Business Solutions) office guess what I saw for signage????

Canon     Canon    Canon    Canon    Canon   Canon

I was confused to say the least. I could not see any indication from the street that this was the Canon Business Solutions office. It seems to be representing itself as if they were “CANON“! The signage screams it. I am sure that this is what CBS wants to communicate, but is it what Canon wants to communicate? I am not sure, I seem to be hearing mixed messages from Canon.

So what I would suggest to Canon is clean up your own house first. If you REALLY mean that there is no difference between CBS and the Independent Canon Dealers than start by insisting that CBS accurately represent themselves as a Canon Business Solutions Sales, and not Canon, “the manufacturer! And a real good place to start is with the CBS signage. Instead of having just “Canon” across all of the external window signs. It should read:

Canon Business Solutions

Canon Business Solutions

Canon Business Solutions

That’s my $0.02
Vince McHugh