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Paypal + UniFLOW = Less burden on School’s IT Dept.

August 20, 2010

We just set up another campus with a Canon UniFLOW solution that we integrated with PayPal.

What a cool solution! By integrating Canon’s UniFLOW solution with Paypal the students can:

1) Set themselves up to print by simply tapping their School Security card on the RFID card reader (attached to the Canon MFD) and logging in ONE TIME to their AD Account.

2) Students can print from MAC or PC without being logged onto the School’s Domain (this was a real deal killer for several solutions we tried before UniFLOW). Students show up to school with anything from Windows XP HOME EDITION, to 64 bit Windows Vista, Windows 7, or several flavors of MAC OS X. They can ALL print from the school’s wireless network WITHOUT being logged on to the School’s Domain, and they still get charged for each print or copy they make (color & B&W have separate charges). Whoo Hoo!

3) Students can even print from the public lab PCs without logging in to the Domain, a simple POP UP allows each student to easily and quickly identify themselves when they print and then pick up their print job from ANY Canon MFD. Their print jobs follow them and they release them by simply tapping their proximity (Campus) card at the Canon MFD.

4) Simple “How to” documents allows most students to set themselves up without any help from the IT Department.

5) Students can recharge their own printing budget from their Paypal account with NO IT or Admin intervention anytime day or night, and the school immediately receives the payments.

The best part is it works, with minimal support and training! The first campus has been up and running about a year, we just set up the second campus (in another city) this week. The proof is in the pudding!

That’s my $0.02
Vince McHugh