What does an IT Manager do when the VP of HR asks him who printed a list of the companies salaries to a public printer?

September 16, 2010

That very question was posed to an IT Manager of a large Manufacturing company that I know. He told me that he would spend hours pouring over spool files trying to figure out who printed this inappropriate file to a public printer in the hallway. What a waste of his valuable time!

When he told me his dilemma, I told him that with the Canon UniFLOW (Statistics) Solution we could put a report in his hand in 2 minutes that would tell him exactly who printed what to that Public printer for any time period that he specified.

For example, If your HR person found the the print job (of all the salaries of the employees of the company) on a Tuesday at 9 AM, you could run a report from Tuesday at 5 AM – 9:15 AM for just that printer or Copier\MFD on your Canon UniFLOW server for that time frame and see exactly who printer what files and when.

When the IT Manager hands this report to the VP of HR that proves exactly who printed this file (either by accident or for more nefarious reasons) he will be a hero. And the company that provided the Canon uniFLOW solution will be a value added partner.

That’s worth a lot more than $0.02
Vince McHugh

PS: We did get the order and will be installing the Canon UniFLOW solution for this company the end of this month.


One comment

  1. Same can be said when a employee resigns and takes valuable and cofidential info via print prior to leaving the company. uniFLOW can also report on that. It is a wonderful application. v5 promises to be even better!!

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