Canon ImageRUNNER-Advance and Google Docs

January 29, 2011

Canon has developed a new MEAP application for Google Docs. It allows Users to Scan directly to Google Docs, and Print directly from Google Docs. When I say directly I mean directly with no PC needed. They also have developed a MEAP app to allow the same for MS SharePoint Online.

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Wow! Pretty cool apps! It hasn’t been released yet in the US market, but it is not unusual for Canon to test things first in Japan or Europe.

Why is this cool? Because Google Docs & Google Mail are making major inroads into business, not just SMB (Small, Medium Business) but larger organizations are outsourcing their email to Google. When you have a Google Mail account you automatically get a Google Docs account with a free Gigabyte of storage space. Additional storage space is very reasonably priced, for instance you can get a Terabyte for $256.00/year.

Not only could a small business use this for storage space, but this would work well for any size business that needs to deliver current versions of business critical documents to their remote offices or stores without the need of a PC.

The delivery of current documents via Google Docs to a Canon ImageRunner-Advance wouldn’t probably need more than the standard (free) 1 Gig of storage space. As long as it was used to simply deliver the most recent, updated documents and not to store older versions.

The other thing that I think Canon did well is they didn’t try to setup their own proprietary system (like Ricoh’s Document Mall) but instead they integrated the Canon iR-Adv with two established cloud apps; Google Docs & Microsoft SharePoint Online. This allows each entity to do what they do best, and leverage each others strengths! Good Job Canon!

That’s My $0.02
Vince McHugh



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