an ALMOST brilliant move by ITEX!

March 25, 2011

I was excited that ITEX was going to be a part of AIIM / On Demand this year. It was a great idea, poorly executed.

There was no actual integration between the ITEX show and the AIIM / On Demand shows. They just took place at the same location (Washington Convention Center). But they didn’t even over lap the same days. ITEX closed a day earlier.

If you had an ITEX badge you could get into AIIM / On Demand, but it was not reciprocal. Which is unfortunate for ITEX because as far as I could tell both shows were ill attended.

There seemed to be a conscious decision by ITEX to keep their show separate. To get from one show to the other you had to go up a stairs through a long hallway and back down a set of stairs. You could look into the show from the windows in that long hallway. And from what I saw ITEX also had poor attendance.

I heard two major manufacturers that said they didn’t think it was worth the money they spent for their booth. And they didn’t think they would be back next year. That’s too bad. We need one show where all of the manufacturers of digital MFD’s want to show there wares. I think that next year it Could be a combined ITEX / AIIM / On Demand show BUT ONLY IF THEY TRULY MAKE IT ONE SHOW.

That’s my $0.02
Vince McHugh


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