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Another IKON letter on Canon Service… So now we know what IKON “may” do (LOL)

April 19, 2011

On April 1st 2010 IKON sent out yet another letter trying to tell their Canon customers that they can still service their Canon equipment, Here is some of the beautifully written verbiage: (The Red font and Bold type, an Underlines are added for emphasis)

•    As of December 1, 2009, Canon USA will no longer provide technical support to IKON.
•    IKON May enter into arrangements with authorized Canon service providers. including authorized Canon retail dealers, pursuant to which such authorized Canon service providers will provide service and technical support to IKON customers, including firmware upgrades and patches, as well as maintenance and repair services.
•    If IKON enters into such arrangements with authorized Canon service providers, the provision of such service and technical support by such providers to IKON customers shall be in their capacity as subcontractors of IKON. To avoid any potential confusion, IKON and Canon USA agree that such providers shall not be held out to the public as part of IKON’s internal service organization.
•    IKON may continue to provide maintenance and repair. services. for Canon-brand business equipment, in accordance with the October 31, 2008 announcement quoted above.
•    IKON may continue to purchase spare parts and supplies from Canon USA, in accordance with the October 31, 2008 announcement quoted above.

So what have we learned from this letter,,, “IKON May… IKON May… IF IKON…IKON May…” WOW could you be a little more vague? I am sure that a dozen of the best IKON lawyers and PR people spent hours and hours of their expensive time pouring over each sentence of this letter so it would imply what they could not LEGALLY say. (A Lawyer never says in 20 words what he can say in 200). What a load of poop!

Now that we have heard the IKON Spin (Again), let’s consider the facts:

Only an Authorized Canon Service Provider can provide “current firmware or patches”

IKON is NOT an Authorized Canon Service Provider, so IKON can not get or install current Canon firmware or patches. IKON has on at least two occasions told a customer that I know that they could update their Canon MFDs to the latest firmware. The IKON service tech came in and upgraded the firmware. NECS was called in afterwards to see if the  firmware was indeed upgraded to the latest version and it was NOT! So when you put the above statements to the test, IKON was NOT able to get and install current Canon firmware.

I was told by a customer that a regional service manager from IKON actually said to him that IKON was talking to NECS about doing this for IKON. (LIAR!!!!) Not only has no one from IKON ever approached NECS about servicing Canon equipment as a “Sub-Contractor” even if they did, why would NECS or any Authorized Canon Dealer do this to help IKON???? The truth is, an Authorized Dealer wouldn’t. Because there is no benefit for an Authorized Canon Dealer to help IKON.

It really doesn’t matter what IKON MAY do, or what happens IF IKON does something. If  you have Canon MFDs being serviced by IKON put them to the test. Demand that they install the latest version of firmware on your current Canon Copier, Then have a REAL Authorized Canon Service Provider come in a verify that it is or is NOT the current version of firmware. If a IKON Service tech did the firmware upgrade, then I can guarantee that you will NOT get the latest version of firmware because the IKON Service tech can not legally get it.

IKON gets points for crafting a very crafty letter, but enough of the B___S___, The facts of the matter are simply that IKON can’t get current Canon firmware, and that no Authorized Canon Dealer that I know of or have ever heard of, would do this for IKON\Ricoh. If IKON says that they have an Authorized Canon Service Provider willing to do this for them, have them put it writing. Because that is where the BS stops. Once it is in writing they will have to legally defend it. So they just won’t put it in writing. If IKON \ Ricoh cannot get you the current firmware or patches for your Canon equipment then they can NOT service your Canon equipment like they could when you signed your Service Agreement, so why are you still having them service your Canon equipment?

That’s My $0.02
Vince McHugh