Ricoh -vs- Ikon (still?)

July 7, 2011

The Ricoh acquisition of Ikon has been in reality the Ikon takeover of Ricoh. Ricoh has stayed true to form in allowing the management team from the company they bought (Ikon) to come in to run the show, and push out the management that Ricoh had in place. They did the same thing when they bought Lanier. Maybe that is why people describe Ricoh as “a company that hates itself”. Ricoh always thinks that the answer to their problems lie in the new management team of the company that they just purchased.

Unfortunately for Ricoh, and their employees, this methodology stirs up anger and resentment and creates an Us -vs Them mentality. The biggest kick in the gut to the long suffering Ricoh employees is that Ricoh corporate always sides with “Them”, the new company that they bought. The only explanation that I can think of as to why, is Ricoh wants the new company that they bought to do well, so people will think that Ricoh made a good decision when the purchased them (Ikon, Lanier, Savin). I just read the scathing Industry Analysis below on how the Ricoh \ Ikon merge is going, and all is not well in Ricoh-world. But don’t take my word, read it for yourself.


It’s Ricoh -vs- Ikon, and while the Ikon name will soon disappear, the Ikon culture and personnel seem to be alive and well at Ricoh. But, you Ikon folks may not want to get too comfortable in your Ricoh positions (like your Lanier counterparts before you) surely there has to be another company on the horizon that Ricoh can buy that will solve all their problems, there just has to be…

That’s my $0.02
Vince McHugh



  1. Yikes!

    MDS is huge and a capable approach; looks great in the board room and forgotten in the field…

    It ain’t easy…but it can be done.

  2. Coming from the service side it has been obvious what IKON thinks of the RBS/RICOH local techs. So much so that less than 20% of the those techs are still working for IKON. Of the techs that are left they usually have 15 or more years vested and are to deep in to leave, but many with they could. Those who have left have improved their situation in both salary and treatment by their new employers.

    The bad blood is thick too, as many from the absorbed dealer offices, and now integrated into the IKON structure, were treated far worse than the competitors. Now those competitors are taking advantage of that by capturing old RICOH/IKON accounts by simply paying attention and listening to the customer; in addition to the old employees that serviced the account. Its a win-win for companies like Konica/Minolta, Toshiba and Kyocera/Mita.

    Kevin Togashi is sitting high on his perch with moral at a all time low and barely acknowledges the issue. What Kevin failed to notice is that IKON might have had some good ideas on managing solutions, but had a horrible culture in place.

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