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Canon’s UniFLOW solution goes serverless! UniFLOW SSP (Secure Serverless Printing)

August 4, 2011

My Dealership has had great success with the Canon UniFLOW solution! The server based UniFLOW is rock solid software. It just works! The Statistics module, the secure printing (including a follow me type of printing), and the rules based routing are each great solutions.

So when Canon released the Serverless version (SSP) of UniFLOW  we quickly installed it in a couple of our demo rooms to kick the tires so to speak, and that was great, but the real test was when we did our first live install. We weren’t disappointed. The first thing that impressed me was I installed the MEAP App and had the whole thing running in our demo room in about 15 minutes.

The serverless version of UniFLOW is not as full featured as it server based cousin. But what it does, it does very well and at a very attractive price. UniFLOW SSP is Serverless Secure printing (no other additional modules) but there is an upgrade path from UniFLOW serverless to the Server based UniFLOW.

Knowing when to propose UniFLOW SSP and when to go with the Server based UniFLOW will be the key to making it work for your customer.

UniFLOW SSP (Serverless Secure Printing) requires the following environment:

50 Active Users
5 Canon MFDs
Windows Based PC only (Use the Server based version if you need Mac support)
1 subnet

How to set up UniFLOW SSP:

1) Load the Canon MEAP (Java Based) App on a Canon ImageRUNNER or ImageRUNNER-Advance. Technically you can load it on more than 5 Canon MFDs but only the first 5 that boot up will show up on the PC client.

2) Then load a Canon Print Driver on a Windows based PC (PCL, UFR II, or PS), set the printer port to any one of the Canon MFDs that have the UniFLOW SSP Software loaded on it.

3) Next load the UniFLOW SSP client on the same Windows based PC, each of the Canon MFDs with the UF SSP software on it will show up as available.

4) Now print something to the UF SSP printer you created and the client will pop up, select your authentication method (Pin #, User Name & password, or Card #), and if you are always going to use this method you can have the client “Remember forever” and you will never see the pop up again. Don’t worry if you need to change the authentication method or card number you can clear it very easily and it will again offer you the pop up client. The Secure Print job will be stored on your PC until you identify yourself at the Canon MFD of your choice, Your Print job will follow you.

We recently “upgraded” our original UniFLOW ver 3 Server based customer to a UniFLOW SSP ver 5 Serverless solution, becuase it was the right fit for this customer. They were familiar with the Server based UniFLOW solution, but they were only using the Secure Printing feature. We were able to move them to UF SSP because it met their needs and reduced the overhead (NO SERVER).

So the choice is yours UniFLOW server based, or serverless solutions in the right environment will work well and make your customer happy!

That’s my MHO (based on first hand experience)
Vince McHugh