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Ricoh slashes it’s net income 55%

October 31, 2011

Bloomberg reports:

“The following companies may have unusual price changes in Japanese trading on October 31. Stock symbols are in parentheses, and share prices are as of the latest close. The information in each item was released after markets shut unless stated otherwise. ….

Ricoh Co. (7752 JT): The office-equipment and camera maker slashed its full-year net income outlook 55 percent to 10 billion yen, citing costs from the company reorganization, earthquake and foreign exchange. The stock sank 1.7 percent to 681 yen. “

I heard late last week that Ricoh would be making some big announcements this week. Based on this information, which according to Bloomberg they posted after close of market on Friday,  it seems logical that a reorganization, and realignment of Ricoh \ Ikon will likely be the “announcement”.

That’s my $0.02
Vince McHugh


NECS 2011 Boston Technology Forum: First in the nation sneak peak at UniFLOW’s Secure iPad & iPhone Printing

October 28, 2011

This is an Invitation only event. If you live in New England and are interested in attending, email me directly and I will try to save you a spot. Guests need commit to a particular time slot so that each group will be able to get the most out of this event.

Vince McHugh
VP \ Network Solutions


When is a “Solution” not a “Solution”?

October 8, 2011

One of my sales people & I recently met with a large Church that had previously purchased MFDs from a Xerox \ Global Copier Dealer that still carries Konica Minolta. When we met with them they told us about a mailer that they do every month to their parishioners. They were printing out labels and applying them by hand before mailing them out each month. A very labor intensive process.

When we spoke to them about doing Variable Data Printing, of which mail merge is the most basic, and most often used form of VDP, they produced a copy of PrintShop Mail (still in the package) which the Xerox Global Dealer had sold them for an additional $1,000.00. They said that they included a single online training session, but no hands on follow up from the Xerox Global solutions person. So they were naturally a little skeptical about me telling them we could train them to do Variable Data Printing for this monthly mailer.

Now I have sold Atlas (and now Objectif Lune) PrintShop Mail, and it is a great solution in the right situation for highly complex VDP print jobs, but selling it to a church to do a mail merge for a monthly news letter (without any real training) is like giving a toddler a bazooka to kill a fly. Yes, it could do the job, but the likely out come will not give you the desired result. A simple fly swatter is a much more elegant solution to the problem of a fly.

We asked them to email me the MS Publisher files that they used for their monthly mailer, and then come in for a demo. I set up our MS Publisher to do a Mail Merge. When we did the demo I showed them their files with a Mail Merge already set up, and with the click of the “print” button out came a run of the churches monthly mailer already addressed to each of their individual parishioners. While I did not show them how to set up MS Publisher to do mail merge during the demo, I did guarantee them that if they gave us their business I would come in an give them hands on lessons on how to set up the mail merge in their MS Publisher, and left them my business card with my cell phone so they would know they could call me personally if they have trouble afterwards. My sales guy got the deal signed this week, and we will be delivering the MFD shortly. I will schedule the follow up training once the equipment is delivered.

A genuine “Solution” often combines, hardware, software, and know how to solve a business problem. When the Xerox Global dealer up sold them Printshop Mail for $1,000.00 with no commitment to this church to make sure that they would learn how to use it, they stole a $1,000.00 from the church! You make think that is a harsh statement, but a good business deal encompasses an exchange of currency for value. The Xerox Global sale of Printshop Mail imparted no value to this church. Because while it had the potential to do what the rep said, without a committed dealer to make it work, the church received no value for their $1,000.00 purchase. The Church understood this, and remembered it when it came time to buy again.

Too many Branches & Dealers have significant turn over in their sales force. So a sales person or solutions engineer who screws a customer on one deal, are often gone by the time the customer’s lease is up in 3 to 5 years. So the new sales person can claim innocence. It’s better to deal with a seasoned sales person who treated you right the last time. Treat your customers right, be just as attentive after the sale as you were when you were trying to win their business and you will add value and earn the right to get their renewed business at a reasonable margin. You don’t, and shouldn’t have to be. the cheapest bid, if you have proven the value that you will bring before and after the sale. Most people will buy value over cheap!

That’s My $0.02
Vince McHugh



October 1, 2011

FUD! Have you heard the term? I am not talking about Elmer. I am talking about the sales term FUD, or more specifically the acronym FUD. It stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. When a sales person doesn’t have a great story to tell about their company, or their product, they may try to throw mud on your company or product. A seasoned sales person will try to get the focus off of what they don’t have and try to generate fear, uncertainty or doubt in the customer about your company or what you are offering.

I have no problem with a sales person accurately pointing out their strengths verses your weaknesses, that is what they get paid for, but I do take exceptions when they outright and knowingly lie. I have worked for NECS for 20+ years now (16 1/2 years originally, and now 4+ years since I came back from RBS), and it that time I have heard Sales people from Ikon, Danka, Global all say to a customer of ours that NECS is going out of business. I have heard back from customers, and even prospective employees say that Ikon, or Danka was going to “Buy NECS”. None of it was true, and if you have noticed Ikon, Danka & Global HAVE ALL BEEN BOUGHT, but NECS is still here. NECS is the largest Canon Dealer in New England. (Period) Ikon was purchased by Ricoh, Danka was purchased by Konica Minolta, and Global was purchased by Xerox.

The latest untrue rumor that I have heard was from two customers that spoke to an OCE Sales Rep. OCE was purchased by Canon. And OCE, like CBS tries to pass themselves off as “Canon”. Please see my article on CBS is not Canon! The same applies to OCE. Since neither OCE nor CBS has a 46 year history in New England, or 35 Years of selling and servicing Canons, or a local warehouse, dispatch, or System Engineers, they need to get the customers focus off of them and try to throw FUD on us. Twice in as many months an OCE rep has told a customer of ours, who in turn told our sales rep that they said NECS is going out of business. Really, at least come up with a new and original lie! After all it didn’t work for Ikon, Danka, or Global why do you think it will work for OCE.

The facts are OCE is relatively new to the Canon product line. They don’t have the local infrastructure in New England that NECS has, them’s the facts! They say when you have the facts, pound the facts, when you have the truth, pound the truth, when you don’t have either (OCE), pound the table! And that’s all this is OCE pounding the table to try to distract what we have to offer and what they don’t. The only similarity is they can sell you the Canon product, but that is where the similarity ends.

The last unfounded rumor that I recently heard, made me laugh out loud, because it is not the first time I have heard this rumor. One of my co-workers called me this week to tell me he was told that “I was leaving NECS”. After I finished laughing, I told him to have the person who told him that scurrilous lie to call my cell phone and I will set the record straight. I am very happy at NECS. I am not leaving, and have not spoken to any other company about a job. So what will the next lie be that I am terminally ill, or had a nervous breakdown?  LMAO!

I understand FUD! But when it becomes apparent to the customer that you are trying to win that you are a liar, that will be a hard obstacle to overcome. Maybe that’s why these companies cycle through sales reps so frequently.

That’s my $0.02
Vince McHugh