Mobile Printing doesn’t have to be “all or nothing”!

November 13, 2011

iPads, iPhones, Androids, Blackberies, and a plethora of assorted tablets,,, what is an IT Manager to do?

There was a time when IT Managers could stop “rouge” devices from getting on THEIR network. But smart phones and tablets are multiplying and permeating every segment of work and home. An IT manager can no longer say NO to these devices. So What are the alternatives? For the most part it has been all of nothing. It has typically been either print to what ever device you can figure out how to print to or, you can’t print from that blasted iphone (or smart phone) not no how, not no way!

There is another option….SECURE MOBILE PRINTING! That is what the new UniFLOW Secure Mobile printing offers.

Take a look at these Mobile Secure Printing links:



If Mobile Printing is the “wild west”, then UniFLOW’s Secure Mobile Printing is the “new sheriff in town”!

NECS is doing a Technology Forum in Boston on 11/17/2011 to show off this new technology. If you would like to join us you can see this new Secure mobile printing by contacting me directly by the information below.

THAT’S MY My $0.02
That is exactly what we are showing at the NECS Boston Demo Room on 11/17/2011 next week!


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