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Nuance – eCopy PDF Pro office (EPPO) & Professional Services opportunity

July 31, 2012

The Nuance Desktop application – eCopy PDF Pro Office (EPPO) is an amazing product! In some ways it reminds me of Adobe Photoshop, not that they have similar functions rather they each can do so much that it takes time to really learn them. From my experience it is more than the average user can do on their own. You might see a problem but what I see is an opportunity, an opportunity to sell Professional Services Training.

When I first saw the EPPO product I immediately thought:

This is a very powerful product!

It does things that no other application can do

I have a lot of customers that need these features

But I also thought, this is NOT an easy application to learn or use.

This led me to put together some custom training “How to” PDFs and offer training sessions to my customers and their end users. The training has been especially well received in Legal community.

The longer I do this job the more I realize that it is NOT about what your hardware or software can do, often competing companies have the exact same hardware or the exact same software. What adds the value to you customer is how well YOU can teach your customers how to use the technology to solve their business problems. A Solutions Engineer or a Solutions Specialists who not only understands the technology but also the business implications can be the difference.

That’s my $0.02
Vince McHugh


Oce:CBS::Ikon:RBS Simple Math

July 6, 2012

In case your math skills are a little rusty the equation reads Oce is to CBS as Ikon is to RBS. True or not True. Here is my argument for True:

The carnage at Ricoh Business Solutions continues as the Ikon takeover of RBS moves into it’s final stages. Ikon’s management is firmly ensconced in upper and middle management of RBS. And guess who they are bringing along for the ride? All their Ikon friends. The loyal RBS employees are being squeezed out!

(Please feel free to skip the rant in red below. I will not feel offended if you do).

I need to digress here and say I long for the days when the company who BOUGHT another company called it a TAKEOVER, even a HOSTILE TAKEOVER!!! I am so sick of the political correctness of calling a purchase or a takeover a “merge”! In the old days a successful company bought a failing company and put IT’S MANAGEMENT TEAM in place of the failing companies management team to turn around the failing company. Ricoh seemed to be absent from business school the day they taught that lesson, because they buy failed, or failing companies and put the failing companies management team in charge of the company that bought them!!!! But I digress….

The Canon Business Solutions (CBS) “merge” with Oce is on the horizon. It is no secret that CBS has not performed well, and did not by any means fill the void in Canon’s distribution in the USA that was left by the Ricoh purchase of Ikon. I have heard that Canon USA and CBS have not always seen eye to eye, and that putting Todd Pike (long time Canon USA guy) in charge of CBS was an attempt to bring their unruly step child (CBS) in line. When Mr. Pike was unable to achieve this, he “fell on his sword” and left Canon for Samsung (an up and coming player in the MFD market, and one that bears watching). With Oce already having a distribution organization in place in the USA It looks like a repeat of what happened with the Ricoh purchase of Ikon. Ricoh bought Ikon, so Ikon could take over Ricoh. While CBS is not Canon (unless you ask a CBS sales Rep…LOL), Canon bought Oce, so Oce could run CBS.

I am hearing that CBS is experiencing there own exodus as seasoned industry people see “the (Oce) writing on the wall”. IMHO CBS was a failed experiment. Apparently it is not so easy to start up a branch (or a dealership). You are much more likely to succeed by taking over an existing operation (like Oce) and fixing it’s problems. So Oce will gobble up CBS, even as the essence of Ikon consumes RBS. Ikon’s last act will be to remake RBS in their image. If Ikon fails who will Ricoh buy next to fix themselves…. Xerox? Hmmmm …..time will tell!

That’s my $0.02
Vince McHugh

PS: The CBS name will disappear when Oce & CBS become Canon Solutions America (CSA). Someone speculated that this name change was due to the fact that they got sick of me referring to them (among others) as the _BS Branch, LOL! I don’t know if that is true, but in the words of the Bard …”A rose by any other name…”