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Sharp to sell copier business

August 16, 2012

Reuters reports that Sharp plans to sell their Copier & Air Conditioning business.

Stop me if you heard this one….

A Politician who is in the fight of his life trying to beat his tough opponent is walking down the beach thinking about what he can do when he comes upon an old lamp. He picks it up, and rubs it and to his astonishment a Genie appears and offers him one wish. But the Genie cautions him and says what ever I give you I am going to give twice as much to your political opponent. The politician thinks about it for a minute and says ” I wish I were half dead”!

My point, and I do have one, is that this terrible economy that is hurting all of us is killing off the weak. Sharp looks like the next to go in the great consolidation of the “Copier Industry”. I would like nothing better than to see a full recovery, and get back to the “good old days”, but maybe, just maybe I can wait a little longer to see who else can’t take the heat. My company is doing OK! We are not knocking it out of the park like we were, but we are doing OK. And as it turns out OK in the worst recovery since the great depression isn’t so bad.

It looks like the decade of the Independent Dealer continues!

That’s My $0.02 (almost enough to buy a share of SHARP stock…LOL)
Vince McHugh