Sharp denies rumours that they are selling their copier division

October 23, 2012

Sharp contacted my company through the CDA to complain about the recent blog article that they I posted stating that the buzz at the CDA meeting is that they are selling their copier division. Even though this is a personal blog based on my opinion and the opinions of those posting, I was asked to pull the article. I am being told second hand that Sharp is denying the persistent rumors. No one from Sharp has spoken to me officially, or directly.

So, In fairness to Sharp I am pulling that article, and posting this retraction.  Sharp is a publicly held company and can not knowingly mislead their stock holders. If it will help settle the matter I will go one step further and offer Sharp a featured spot on this blog to directly state that there are no plans to sell the copier division. So we can put the rumors to bed once and for all.

That’s My $0.02
Vince McHugh



  1. I would agree if you started the rumor, but the article that I read was from Nekei in Japan. They indicated that sharp was looking at a number of options to generate cash which included selling assets such as real-estate holdings as well as their copier division. So I would think that Sharp should be looking to Japan to put a halt to the rumors.

  2. Yikes!!!

    So…they didn’t contact you directly…didn’t send you a legal letter…tossed up the “we’re a public company…and can’t lie to our shareholders”…all this through a second-hand, third-party…

    Nothing unusual here…move along…

  3. I’ll go ahead and state my observations. Sharp Corp is mired in debt, profit is non exisitant, they owe their sole to the japanese banks, the japanese banks want to protect their investment and put bank execs with Sharp to protect their interest. Sharps debt is secured with property, factories and other assets. The 3rd quarter results arrive in January 2013. The Asahi Shimbun stated “there is no end in site”. “Ming the Merciless” Terry Gou from Hon Hai walked away, you can compare Terry to Donald Trump . All you read from Sharp is they want consumer electronic business such as smart phones, and displays, NEVER any mention of copiers.

    The leak was from the Nekkei, there was never a retraction from that reporter. Total liability is almost 2 trillion yen. Sounds a lot like Kodak.


  4. They may not sell yet, but SHARP Dealers be warned, the business model is about to change and IMPACT YOU!

  5. Here it is December 13 – It seems Sharp has approached everyone in the industry except HP, hat in hand, begging for money. Selling off ‘the good stuff’ – screens n such.

    …nobody seems to be stepping up to buy the copier arm, eh?…

    On the more important issue of your SOUL – I’ve been asked to retract opinion pieces, and as you did, I retracted. I am not above taking back ‘off-the-cuff’ commentary if after reflection, I find my words offensive.

    Yours were not.

    This time next year, there well be no Sharp.

    • Thanks Greg,

      We will see if my prediction (and yours) pans out or not.

      I don’t think we will need to wait all that long.


  6. Still no good news for Sharp, 2013 will tell the tale.



  7. sharp copiers deamand is increasing day by day ,i dont think they will sell their core business ,i am expectieng more products from sharp next year

    also i am expecting a4 mfds from sharp

    • Sanjai,

      No one disagrees that the Sharp Copier Division is doing OK. That is what has led to the speculation that Sharp Japan could sell it t help solve the parent companies financial woes. I will say there was some good financial news for Sharp Japan recently. We will have to see if that will be the beginning of them turning the ship around, or if they will have to make more dramatic changes, like selling their profitable copier division.

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