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Toshiba & Samsung show interest in Sharp

April 18, 2013

Last week I heard a rumor from a source at Toshiba that Toshiba has shown an interest in buying Sharps copier division. From all that I read Sharp has major debt that is coming due soon.

I caught a lot of grief for saying that I believe that Sharp WILL SELL IT’S COPIER DIVISION. But that’s my not so humble opinion. I can’t see how else the math will work for Sharp. Sharp’s debt, in the very near future, will force their hand.

But WHO Sharp chooses to dance with is still undecided. Both Samsung & Toshiba have shown interest in Sharps copier division, Both court Sharp, but both are not welcome suitors. You are probably aware that there is no love lost between Korea and Japan. That being said one suitor is more welcome than the other. But Samsung has deep pockets, and is highly motivated to become a major player in our industry.

I mentioned to someone I know at Samsung, that Toshiba is looking to buy Sharp. He smiled quietly and said “We’ll just buy Toshiba”. He further stated that “when Samsung puts their mind to do something, they do it”, I have to admit. that I admire that quiet confidence, that dances right up to the edge of hubris.

So we’ll see who buys Sharp’s copier division. But someone WILL BUY IT soon! And yes that is MNSHO!

That’s My $0.02
Vince McHugh