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UniFLOW 5.2: Google Cloud Print enabled & AD Authenticated Airprint

May 28, 2013

I spent last Thursday & Friday at the Bellagio in Las Vegas attending the NTware Forum. NTware just released UniFLOW version 5.2 and this was our chance as Canon Dealers to get to know what was new and cool about it.

I don’t think it is a secret that I am a fan of UniFLOW. What I like so much about UniFLOW and more specifically NTware is every time it seems like their competition starts to close the gap they take another giant leap forward. Leaving the competition scratching their heads. They’ve done it again with version 5.2

Three new cool additions to UniFLOW that I want to mention here are:

UniFLOW is Google Cloud Print enabled.

UniFLOW has AD Authentication for IOS Airprint.

UniFLOW has reintroduced Print Room Management (Formerly called Helix).

To get the “skinny” on UniFLOW enabled Google Cloud Print (GCP) I will redirect you to my recent post on The Copier Network. Go read it and then come back…. I’ll wait….. Pretty cool, Huh?

Like GCP, Airprint is a technology that is predominately aimed at the consumer market place, But just as UniFLOW \ GCP integration has added the missing pieces that bring GCP into the Enterprise it does the same for Airprint. How does UniFLOW’s bring Aiprint protocol into the Enterprise, by adding Active Directory Authentication to the Airprint protocol. No serious network allows access to it’s resources without authenticating the user who wants access. LDAP is the defacto standard, with AD being Microsoft’s LDAP offering. UniFLOW doesn’t invent Airprint or LDAP, it just marries them together making them better and more functional. GCP & Airprint may not be a perfect fit for your environment. UniFLOW offers device agnostic email printing workflows that works well in even the largest enterprise.

Finally, NTware reintroduced Print Room Management into UniFLOW. It had this as an option in earlier versions, but it was pulled out and offered as a separate product called Helix. Now it’s back, as a part of the UniFLOW Platform and as such it leverages all that UniFLOW is and does but brings it into the CRD (Central Reproduction Department) or Print Center. By making it an optional UniFLOW module it is very cost effective, especially when you compare it to other offerings in a similar space (like EFI’s Digital Store Front).

That’s My $0.02
Vince McHugh