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NECS Celebrates 50 Years in Business!

January 5, 2015

Charlie & Vince

In 1965 Charlie Tiernan started NECS. Today it is the largest dealer in New England. 50 years is a half century. That’s a long time to be in business. Even more impressive when you consider what went on during those same 50 years. It was during this time that Ikon, Danka, & Global both rose to power and eventually were gobbled up by manufacturers. If I had a nickel for every time one of the three big national dealers said “We are going to buy NECS” I would probably be retired today. But here we are in 2015 and NECS is still here and Ikon, Danka, & Global are gone. That doesn’t happen by accident, or by luck. It takes hard work and a commitment to excellence!

NECS, then New England Copy Specialist humble beginnings started in Lynn, Ma. Today its Headquarters are in Woburn, Ma with a total of seven offices throughout New England. The picture above was taken in 2000 when I received an award for “Connectivity”. Based on the tie I am wearing this was at our yearly Christmas Party. I still have that award in my office today. I still have that tie too, LOL!

NECS Award

One of the things that makes NECS a great company is it’s people. It is surprising to me just how many people have worked there for over 20 years, some for over 30 years! It is very rare thing today. Another phenomenon that I have not only observed but participated in is how many people have left NECS only to return to work there again. NECS is a good place to work. It is a good company with a lot of good people in key positions. NECS is a good partner, and takes care of their customers. It is this passion for excellent service & support after the sale that has allowed NECS to not only survive for 50 years in a very competitive market place but to thrive and grow into the largest dealer in New England.

In the words of Tim McGraw “I’d like to take a moment to celebrate my age. the ending of an era, the turning of a page”. Happy Anniversary NECS! Here’s to the next 50 Years!

That’s My $0.02

Vince McHugh

VP \ Network Solutions