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Samsung’s Smart Color Manager!!!

July 21, 2016

Unless you live under a rock or are a Luddite (look it up) you know that Samsung’s newest MFDs run on an Android Platform. They are for all intents and Purposes a Samsung Android Tablet “firmly attached and integrated into an MFD. In a post called “Defining our Terms” I talk about “Smart MFDs” I am not sure what to call what Samsung did except “Brilliant” (Think Guinness commercial voice). Not only did they make an MFD that is run by a TRUE ANDROID TABLET (Not just looks like one) but they have it open up (or locked down enough if you prefer) to add what YOU NEED!!!! NOT WHAT THE MFD MANUFACTURER THINKS YOU NEED, OR TELLS YOU THAT YOU NEED! (no my caps locks didn’t get stuck).

I am in my quarterly Sales Kick Off meeting when Samsung Reps Joe Alacata and Claude Jacobs start talking about all these apps that you can download from the Samsung Printing App Store and one of my newer sales guys ( Gian ) starts talking about how he used the Samsung (free) Smart Color Monitor to save a deal. He said he replaced a particular brand of MFD with a Samsung and the customer was unhappy because it printed different. And in the Color world different = wrong! Even if your color is better and more accurate to what they see on the screen they want it to look like it always looked. So Samsung was smart! They added in Simulations to match Canon, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, and Xerox. And they work pretty good and get you pretty close, but what if that isn’t good enough???? Enter Samsung’s Smart Color Management (free) tool. You could compare it to EFI’s Profiler except it cost $4,000 less and is easier to use. Now you probably saying how could anything free be that good! Well Samsung has a goal, world domination!!! Doctor Evil Laugh (Hear Dr Evil Voice hear here). Well at least in every industry that they are in, but let’s limit this discussion to Samsung wanting to be #1 in Digital Copiers \ MFDs. That’s a pretty tall order for those of us who have been in this industry for 30 years or more. But they have said that 5 in 3 years and 3 in 5. I think they are a little behind schedule but you know what is going to launch them to meet these goals? Apps!!!! Killer APPS!!!! The future of our industry “is” the Killer App. If I can find out what is the MOST important App in your industry and I can add it to my Samsung MFD (easily) and NO OTHER MANUFACTURER CAN will I need to be as cheap as you? No! Because you can’t do what I can do. I set the bar to high for you by doing more with my Samsung than you can with your brand.

But I digress. What is one thing standing in the way of replacing your current brand with a Samsung? How about all the files that you’ve printed for the last 20+ years on your old brand. You want them to look the same when you print them on your new cooler, much cooler Samsung, no? Enter Samsung Smart Color Manager! Samsung Smart Color Management Pages

This cool little tool (did I mention it was free to download to your new Samsung?) will let you print a color gamut page to your target device (A) and then it will print out the same gamut page to it’s own Samsung device (B). THEN you scan them in one at a time (A then B) and it adjusts the Samsungs Color Gamut to match the target device. Pretty Frickin’ cool! And I am not easily impressed. But one of my Salesman did it with NO Training, he just downloaded it and figured it out. So I downloaded it (You need Admin rights) and installed it and I profiled a machine from a competitor with a fiery Tower Rip on it that cost 4 times what my Samsung cost (maybe more). Then I printer out 3 samples that we use a lot to show very specific strengths or weaknesses in a device, and I showed them around.

The first guys I showed them to has sold color for 30 Years, and I highly respect his opinion. I showed him two documents of each sample with the name of the device it was printed on written on the back of each (to make it fair). It took him 3 Minutes per document but he got them all correct. You may think that is a failure, but I don’t. He has a very good, very critical color eye. If HE could not immediately tell then the average person will never tell the difference. The only other person to get all 3 correct was my Service trainer and it was because of a particular finish that he knew the non Samsung – Fiery did when it laid down it’s color. The best any other sales person got was 2 for 3, some 1 for 3. If this little free app can make it that hard to tell the difference between a top of the line (Think Industry leader) Color “Press” with a Fiery Tower, and a little old Samsung then I think there will be very few, VERY FEW MFDs that I can’t replace with a Samsung running Smart Color Manager.

That’s my $0.02

Vince McHugh