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Canon shines again at the new TechNet!

July 30, 2018

It’s been 15 years since Canon held a TechNet. Which means there is a generation of Systems Engineers that had never attended one. I am thankful that Canon decided to resurrect this event. I just attended the 4th TechNet of 5 that Canon is running in the USA. They chose to do the TechNet events as five regional events instead of two big ones; in Disney World (FLA) and DisneyLand (CA) like they use to do. I was surprised how few hands went up in the air when they asked how many had ever attended a Technet before. When I was starting out as a young Novell CNE my company would send half of the SEs (Systems Engineers) to TechNet each year. It is where we learned our trade. I was happy to see that Canon has not forgotten how to run one. This one was a little smaller than the old one’s but the training we received was excellent. There were three to four hour breakout sessions and an insightful General Session that covered industry trends.

There is something that happens when you get a large number of good technical people in a room and give them several hours of hands on training. Yes, there were a few Powerpoint slides but the bulk of TechNet was SEs on a keyboard learning about a new solutions offering or brushing up on some new features of an established product. NECS sent 6 people to this event, three SEs to TechNet and three Sales people to SalesNet. I will leave SalesNet for another blog, but from what my Sales guys tell me it too was done very well. As a side note, the discussions around meals or at the bar after the days events were also very valuable. It is good to make connections with other people who do your job at other dealerships. We often talk via email or phone, but it is was great to have a beer with some of these folks, and on Tuesday night I had a few.

The three sessions that I sat through were on UniFLOW Online, Canon Security, and The new features of eCopy Sharescan 6.X. In the UF OL session they had us create and configure a new Tenant in UniFLOW Online and it took less than two hours of actual work time to do it. We also learned that Canon \ NTware is offering UniFLOW Online Express (Tracking & reporting only) for free to our Canon Customers. This could be the perfect way to enhance our Customers experience who are still using Dept IDs for security or tracking. At least they would be the low hanging fruit for this offering. For short money you can add Secure Printing or scanning. If you add Secure Printing you also get Mobile & Guest Mobile Printing with no setup. UniFLOW Online just assigns you an email address based on your tenant name. The Secure Print module also provides you with “Scan to Myself” (Email) and “Scan to google Drive” which is considered “Basic Scanning” in UF Online. Advanced Scanning for other Cloud Offerings costs a little extra.

The Canon Security Module on How to Harden your Canon Device was worth the price of admission. As you know HP has been pushing the industry on this topic. Canon has solid Security experts presenting real world scenarios addressing actual Security Scans and how they responded to Secure them. I was impressed and would have attended TechNet for JUST THIS MODULE!

My last module was the new features on eCopy Sharescan 6.X. The new features are impressive and deliver that WOW factor in a Customer Demo. The presenters and the hands on labs were great! If I had any complaint at all it would be that their documentation was not great. The screen shot were too small and often unreadable. But all in all a good hands on session. It’s easy to forget just how good eCopy Sharescan is because it has been with us so long. But forget it at your own peril as I will present it to the right customer with all it’s new features and sizzle to close a deal. eCopy Solutions still brings great value and they are a solid partner in my NECS Solutions portfolio.

I will close by saying great job to Canon! I know Mike Betsco had his fingerprints on this event. We have talked about it throughout the last 15 years as I bemoaned the fact that there was no techNet. Well TechNet is back! And I say Long live TechNet!

That’s My $0.02
Vince McHugh