I wouldn’t buy a Fuji Xerox

July 2, 2018

FujiFilm is suing Xerox for a Billion dollars because Xerox backed out of the merger after one of the Xerox Board of Directors staged a rebellion. “Fujifilm (also)…threatened to compete against Xerox Corp …if it failed to renew its technology agreement in 2021.”

If you are unaware of the relationship between Fuji and Xerox, Fuji makes a large portion of Xerox’s line of Office equipment. Your Xerox Rep probably just calls them “Xerox” because he doesn’t want you concerned about Who makes your Xerox. But I would be concerned especially if I was about to buy a Fuji Xerox. In fact I wouldn’t buy a Fuji Xerox. I bet your Xerox sales guy says it’s not a problem. And it’s not a problem until it is a problem, but then IT’S YOUR PROBLEM! And then what? Xerox will blame Fuji, and Fuji will blame Xerox and you will be in the middle. That’s why I wouldn’t buy a Fuji Xerox, at least until this battle of the Titans has been resolved. There are plenty of good, stable MFD (digital copier) manufacturers out there that you can buy from. Don’t make Fuji & Xerox’s problem YOUR PROBLEM!

That’s My $0.02
Vince McHugh


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