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Jamf, JumpCloud, & UniFLOW

February 5, 2019

NECS has a long term (Technology Company) customer that has a large MAC population, as well as PCs, and Linux Workstations, We did a demo at our Boston Office and there was a lot of interest in UniFLOW Secure Printing, Follow Me Printing, and Scan to Myself. But they were concerned about implementation because of their large Mac population and because they use JumpCloud as their LDAP server. JumpCloud is a very cool cloud based LDAP Server. They were also concerned about how they would push out both the direct and the secure printers to their MACs. But they use JAMF to manage their MACs so we said no problem. NECS will provide the files you need and show you how to set the defaults to B&W & Simplex as you requested,

NECS offered to do a proof of concept at their Headquarters. We did some preliminary work testing JumpCloud integration with UniFLOW on our own UniFLOW Server. Thanks to Ned Bannan for opening up a trial JumpCloud account and figuring out the syntax that we would need before we even walked through the door. So we were off and running with a UniFLOW trial license in hand we went onsite and set up the UniFLOW Server, easily integrated it with their JumpCloud LDAP Server as well as their SMTP server and did some testing. We asked them if they would like their JumpCloud LDAP server to also be their LDAP Address book on their Canon MFDs. They thought that this was a great idea. Since we already new the syntax and tricks to make it work on UniFLOW it wasn’t too hard to adapt it to the Canon LDAP Address book. They were pretty happy about that!

When it came to registering their RFID cards they did not want to have to have their people login at the Canon MFD \ Copier. They also didn’t want us to run a task that would send out an email blast to all users because they felt that most users would ignore or delete the email. So we set up the UniFLOW Secure input printer to email a TIC (Temporary Identification Code) to users when they first print to it. The user experience was pretty cool. They would send their first print job and immediately get an email from the UniFLOW System. The End user would go to the nearest UniFLOW Enhanced Canon with their RFID code and their smart phone, tap their card and the Canon screen would ask them to enter their TIC Code. They would read it off the email on their phone and enter it, when they hit logon it married their RFID card with their JumpCloud LDAP account on the UniFOW Server. End Users and IT Staff really liked how easy it was for Users to do this!

Finally, we were asked to help their very competent IT person to configure Linux to print both directly and securely via UniFLOW. The fact that their CIO used a Linux workstation made this a pretty important part of the UniFLOW \ Canon solution. NECS sent some instructions to their Linux support guy and followed up with a conference call where he said “I’m all set”! “I followed your instructions and we are working in Linux too”. Great! NECS is very comfortable with Linux and CUPS printing. And we were able to use this expertise to make UniFLOW enabled Canon MFDs (Copiers) work in this very diverse network.

If your organization has any of these challenges give us a call or drop me an email. We can do for you what we did for this very cool Technology Company.

That’s My $0.02
Vince McHugh
VP \ Network Solutions