About Me…

My Name is Vince McHugh.

I have worked in the “copier” industry for over 32 years.

I have been a Technician, a Salesman, A Systems Engineer, and an Executive.

I Have worked for 2 Major Corporations in this industry (Ricoh & 3M).

I currently work for a Large Independent Dealer in New England – NECS

NECS has been around for over 50 years, I have personally been at NECS for 29+ of those ~50 Years!  That is pretty rare today.

I have a long track record of developing chemistry between Sales & Solutions.
Work closely with Senior Management to achieve our Sales goals.

While at Ricoh (RBS) we hit our “Triple Crown Numbers”. We were the only branch in the Country to do so. And that branch had never done it in the history of the branch!

I believe in “Team Selling”, One Systems Engineer can support a dozen salesman \ woman.
It has been my responsibility to evaluate vendors and solutions to determine what we will sell and what we will lead with, more importantly what we won’t be selling. Solutions that are NOT ready for prime time.

I always like to be “The first one through the door” on new technology. A hands-on approach to shepherd a new solution until I have developed “best practices” and trained the teams how to Sell, Install, and support the new Solution.
It has been my pleasure to train many Salespeople and Systems Engineers how to sell a genuine solution.
I have groomed and developed relationships with vendors, banking good will against the day when you need them to go the extra mile for you.
I have written the lion’s share of all SOWs (Statements of Work) and it is my responsibility for any technical responses in all RFPs (Request for Proposals)
It was my pleasure to be brought into an amphitheater in front of 30+ Senior IT Managers, Directors, and Vice Presidents of a Pharma company to be peppered with technical questions that would lead to us winning that bid.
I have done Customer support in person and remotely with the goal of quickly resolving their problem.
I use my Customer relation skills and technical ability to turn Customers into Fans!
Established good working relationships with IT Managers, Security Teams, as well as Operations & Purchasing.
I specialize in being able to work well with difficult people.
My job to add IT and Security contacts to Sales Chain, and provide the verbiage for target marketing campaigns towards these specific customers.
I am an available resource to the Post Sales Team when they run into problems they can not successfully troubleshoot.
I have maintained good relationships with customer during difficult installs by “over communicating” with the stake holders and assuring them that I was committed to making it right!
I keep my cell phone # on my business card. Then I tell customers to ask our competitors if they can have the cell phone number of their Top IT guy in their company. And then I tell them watch as they look at their shoes and tell you why you don’t need that number. My biggest problem is if YOU have a problem that I don’t know about.
I also establish a good working relationship with our Service and Operations departments through respectful interaction and keeping my promises.
I specialize in non-commoditized selling! I purposely make it difficult for purchasing agents to compare apples to apples. By adding value to what we sell! I mix together software, hardware, and know how to solve my customers’ business problems. I tell them up front that we won’t be the cheapest solution they look at, but we WILL be the best value.
I particularly enjoy solving a problem that my competition says “Is Not Supported”. Like hacking a PPD so one Hospital could continue to print to a Canon Mailbox from their new Linux System. Or integrating an MFDs Email Address book with JumpCloud, a cloud-based LDAP server.
I have created new revenue streams by putting together a “Security Audit” of your A3 & A4 devices. Most Security Audits avoid scanning Printers & MFDs because they consider them “fragile devices” that may be damaged by the scan.
I have been trained on Security by BOTH Canon & HP.
When I work for someone, I WORK FOR THEM. Both on and off the clock I speak well of my employer and use my abilities to advance & promote them.
In October of 2008 I started a personal blog about the “Copier” Industry called “The Connected Copier”, Take a look at it if you wish to gauge my understanding of the Industry.


vince.mchugh@yahoo.com (for personal messages)


On Demand \ AIIM 2009 in Philly

On Demand \ AIIM 2009 in Philly

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